As Sabuncular Tarim we manufacture and supply water, bottled water, natural water, natural bottled water, drinking water, bottled drinking water, pet bottle water, plastic bottle water, cup water, 19lt dispenser bottled water, dispenser bottled water, 500ml pet bottle water, 5lt pet bottle water, 1.5lt pet bottle water, 330ml pet bottle water, 10lt pet bottle water, 19lt pet bottle water, 200cc cup water, 300cc cup water... The water comes from Madran mountain through 23 km pipe lines in 3,417 lt/sn to our factory which is stated on 10.000 m2 closed area, 15.239 m2 total area in the Yagcilar village of Cine province of Aydın. Our company has got 4 different type of water spring licensed from Ministry of Health. Kaltun is the power behind Madran: Kaltun Group

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